Alistair Ross



A shoulder to Cry On

(UCCF Booklets 1998)



Helping the Depressed

(Kingsway 1990)



Understanding Friends

(SPCK 1993)



An Evaluation of Clinical Theology (CTA 1994)



Out of the Maze – Understanding Mental Illness

(Deep Waters/APCMI 1995)



Evangelicals in Exile – Wrestling with theology and the unconscious

(DLT 1997)



Counselling skills for church and faith community workers

(Open University Press 2003)



Learning to Listen

(Third Way July 2001 Vol.24 No. 5)





Last updated: 10/08/10


Alistair trained as a Baptist minister, before embarking on his training as a psychodynamic counsellor and supervisor. He holds a research degree in Clinical Theology and is currently engaged in PhD research on The Emergence of Spirituality in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Thought and Psychodynamic Practice.

Alistair is Head of Counselling Training at Birmingham University. He is also pastoral tutor and honorary research fellow at the Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education. He has written a number of books and most recently he has published Counselling Skills for Church and Faith Community Workers. He has also contributed to Clinical Counselling in Pastoral Settings. He has an interest in developing supervision in pastoral contexts.




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 Alistair Ross